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KajonArt Family Members

Mike Mattingly, aka Baldy, bass player, lead singer and driving force behind Neosoreskin, is also the chief entrepreneur, screen printer and manager of KajonArt of our production team. Mike lives and works in KajonArt's Santa Cruz shop, less than a mile from Natural Bridges State Beach. Mike converts original art to printable graphics, often adding just the right additional touch of color or graphical design.

Steve Devlin, another veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, lives in Silicon Valley with his wife Daisy, and is a student at San Jose City College. Steve was an early member of the screen printing team and helped to establish the Santa Cruz shop.

Mary Flynn Mattingly, Mike's sister and KajonArt business manager, joined the screen printing team after completing her bachelor's degree in anthropology at San Francisco State University in June 1999. Mary quickly instituted quality control measures, reducing wastage to less than one shirt per run. She will be adding her artistic inspirations to the company's product line.

Weary of endless mental toil, James (aka J) Mattingly (brother to Mike and Mary) and Heather Voke (spouse of James) dragged their bodies away from their doctoral dissertations to seek sportswear in which to perform physical exercise. Finding nothing in the stores that was not blazoned with advertising slogans from the likes of Adidas and Nike, they conceived of a line of sportsware proclaiming an ad free zone. "Post No Bills" is the original brain-child that inspired the rest of the family to invest in KajonArt. Heather and J attend Indiana University in Bloomington, where they live with daughter Natasha, who will be seven years old in September, 1999, a cat named Huckle, and a dog named Balloo. J serves as the KajonArt Web Meister and Heather has created a prototype faculty web site available for tailoring.

Chris Street, bass player with Silicon Valley band, The Brownies, grew up in Los Gatos and now lives in San Jose. He and Mike hooked up at De Anza College, where both were enrolled in a photo shop class. Chris designed the Honky shirt, one of the most popular of the Roque Line.

Bob Mattingly, first cousin to Mary and Mike, joined the screen printing team in April, increasing production and contributing "Never Take Me Alive" to the Roque Line of political humor and satire.

Shari Silva, majoring in environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz, tweaks the nose of Nike with her Business Ethics pig design. Shari lives on campus with her son Akia, who "Loved First Grade" and plans to move on at the end of summer. Shari has contributed to the increasing environmental awareness of KajonArt and inspired Mike's commitment to use only organically grown cotton for our KajonArt designs.

The Bettina Line springs from the finely drawn images of Bettina Ikits, whose husband Milan studies and teaches at the University of Utah at Salt Lake. Bettina received her artistic training in her native Hungary and now draws some of her inspiration from young son, Mandy, as well as from the world of nature and her own vivid imagination.

Justin Jones and Alex Carlisle, also friends with Mike and fans of Neosoreskin, contributed their unique drawings for the Urban Myth line, bringing horror and humor, as well as graphical imagination to their work. Both are musicians and performed together in Dr. Love Bone and the Get Down Clowns, Alex on drums and Justin as singer song writer. Alex contributed the Cobra in the Toilet design, while the remainder of the urban myths sprang from Justin's fertile brain. Both are residents of Modesto CA, and work in graphic design. Justin also performs with the Stoners with Boners band and provided the graphics for Neosoreskin's latest CD, Vicegription.

The flying fish paint brush and frying pan easel arose from Mike's collaboration with brother-in-law, Steve Hennon, currently full-time Dad to nine year old son Steve, while wife Ann (nee Mattingly) pursues her career as a software process engineer and completes her bachelor's degree through the University of Phoenix.

KajonArt is supported by the rest of the KAJON® Systems Incorporated team: Chief Financial Officer Marshall Mattingly, Mike's older brother and his wife and KAJON® corporate secretary, Tisha Mattingly. Tisha is promoting in store sales of the KajonArt line, and preparing to move their household, including four year old twin daughters Morgan and Meridith, from Salt Lake to Tucson Arizona. Marshall has accepted an engineering position there, after completing his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at the UU.

Kathy and John Mattingly formed KAJON® Systems in 1992 and incorporated in 1993. All the above named offspring and spouses are co-owners and active KAJON® board members. Kathy is a systems test engineer, and John is a power electronics engineer. They are located at KAJON® headquarters in San Jose CA and are very proud parents of a family even more diverse than our T-shirt designs.